“Tony is without a doubt one of the best wrestling coaches around for your youth wrestler. His ability to control the room without ever raising his voice all the while stressing position and not just showing a bunch of moves. He breaks everything down into common sense simple instructions and the kids are able to retain the information and use what he teaches them immediately. I’ve taken my two son’s to him multiple times. They love it, I love it and we feel blessed we are only 3 hours away. I highly recommend coming to one of his 3 day throwdown camps, leg riding camps, leg attack camps or the summer constant motion or takedown machine camps. You will NOT regret it.”
Darin Jackson
Omaha, NE

3 Day Throwdown Training Camp Series, Est. 2012

SIGN UP TODAY!!!  This camp will focus on FREESTYLE WRESTLING.

An Intense Training Environment for Intense individuals!

When: Check back often for future camp dates

Who: School Age Wrestlers (10yrs – High School)

Schedule: All 3 Day Throwdown Camps begin on Friday evening, run all day on Saturday, and end at Noon on Sunday.  These are tough camps, but the schedule is great for accommodating long distance attendees, as they are ‘in and out’ camps that keep the cost of hotels/travel expenses to a minimum.  Hotels for parents are close by.
Friday: Check in 5:30-7:00pm.  First Session 7-9pm
Saturday: 3 sessions
Sunday: 9:00-11:30am

Camp Format:  6 hours of technique/ 6 hours of live – One can attend every Nat’l meet and not come close to accumulating 6 hours of live with the talent that attends the Tony Purler 3 Day Throwdown Camps.

Where: Tony Purler’s Home Training Facility – 7710 SE Moore Dr, Holt MO 64048
(30 min N of Kansas City, 2 1/2 hrs South of Des Moines, IA)

Technical focus: Set ups, finishes, and core defense.  Shoot/score/block/defend wrestling!

Fee:  $190 (includes meals, room and board, and overnight stay for the athletes)

Notable Wrestlers currently registered:
Follow me on Facebook: Purler Wrestling Academy to keep track of new signees.

The camps always have serious wrestlers to work with, as well as several Purler Wrestling members. Every camp has wrestlers from several states in attendance.

It’s a tough camp, but the kids have fun too, which is part of it, and they build some good friendships.

Register online.  After registering online you will be directed to the camp payment page.

Purler Wresting
7710 SE Moore Dr
Holt, MO  64048