Tony Purler’s 3 Day Commuter Camps

Tony Purler’s 3 Day Commuter Camps allow wrestlers from across the country to be able to attend a Tony Purler Wrestling Camp in their area.  These wrestling camps focus on technique and positioning which is fundamental for all ages and levels of wrestlers.  This camp will cover all three positions (from feet, top, and bottom).  At Purler wrestling camps, a scoring system will be taught. What we work on at our youth and summer wrestling camps during day one will be covered on day three. The benefit? Wrestlers will understand and develop skills, not simply be shown them.

I coach positioning, not just technique. Wrestling is position-based and not just based on moves. By covering a system, or scoring routine, on the final day of the camp wrestlers will master positioning when on a leg, as well as all other common areas of the sport.  Wrestlers who only learn moves but have no understanding of how to ‘wrestle for position’, will only see their techniques work when they outclass their opponent. The common theme in all my youth and summer wrestling camps will always be to wrestle for position, not points. The points will follow position.

Tony Purler’s 3 Day Commuter Wrestling Camp
Servite High School in Anaheim, CA – July 11th-13th, 2019 THIS CAMP IS CANCELED

  • A Commuter Summer Wrestling Camp for wrestlers from ages 8-18 (for those younger than 8 please call first)
  • Servite High School 1952 W LaPalma Ave, Anaheim, CA  92801  directions
  • July 11th-13th, 2019 (Thurs-Sat) (Please bring your own lunch on Fri and Sat)
  • Thurs 4-9pm
  • Fri 10am-3:30pm (lunch break at 1:00)
  • Sat 9am-2:30pm (lunch break at 12:00)
  • $190 per wrestler (does not include paypal fee) NO REFUNDS – Only Camp Credit given
  • Walk-in fee – $210 per wrestler due at check in


To Register, please use the online registration link below and complete the camp payment.
Your wrestler’s spot will not be reserved with registration only.


Get ready for approximately 15 hours of world class wrestling instruction and technique packed in the span of 3 days.