Tony Purler’s Youth and Summer Wrestling Camps

“I have been attending Tony Purler’s camps since I was in second grade.  His technique teaches chain wrestling showing you who to move in response to what you opponent is doing.  It creates scoring opportunities in all positions.  His teaching style is clear and easy to understand.  Tony is a great coach for all ages and skill levels.” – 2X Iowa High School State Champion

Tony Purler’s 3 Day Throwdown Camp Training Series – February Date coming soon

When:  February 15th-17th, 2019

Who:  Youth wrestlers (age 9) up to High School

Schedule: All 3-Day Throwdown Camps begin on Friday evening, run all day on Saturday, and end at noon on Sunday. These are tough, intensive wrestling camps, but the schedule is great for accommodating long distance attendees, as they are ‘in and out’ camps that keep the cost of hotels/travel expenses to a minimum. Hotels for parents/coaches are close by.

  • Friday: Check in 5:30-7 p.m. First Session 7-9 p.m.
  • Saturday: 3 sessions
  • Sunday: 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Camp Format: Six hours of technique/six hours of live. One can attend every national meet and not come close to accumulating six hours of live wrestling with the talent that attends the Tony Purler 3-Day Throwdown intensive wrestling camps.

Where: Tony Purler’s Home Training Facility — 7710 SE Moore Dr., Holt MO 64048
(30 min N of Kansas City, 2 1/2 hrs South of Des Moines, IA)

Technical focus:  February – Controlling ties, hand fighting.

Fee: $190 (includes meals, room and board, and overnight stay for the athletes); does not include PayPal fees



Tony Purler’s 2018 ‘Ground N Pound’ Leg Riding Camps – Camp complete

This is why we have wrestlers from as far away as Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, Washington, and Wisconsin who attend Tony Purler’s two-day ‘Ground N Pound’ wrestling clinics.

As with all Tony Purler youth/high school wrestling camps, your son will drill, re-drill, and chain drill a series designed to score. This method of wrestling instruction will help your son LEARN leg riding techniques, not just be SHOWN leg riding! Come master one of the most painful wrestling techniques any wrestler can legally do to an opponent in the sport of wrestling!

Where:  Tony’s Home Training Center – Holt, MO  64048
When:  December 30th-31st, 2018 – (Sun-Mon)  Camp Complete
Cost:  $130 per athlete pre-registered,  $150 walk ins the day of the camp  PLEASE PRE-REGISTER ONLINE!
Time:  10am-3:30pm (bring your own lunch 1:00-1:40)


Tony Purler’s Christmas Break Leg Attack Scoring Camps

Core shots and finishes will be our focus. The kids WILL become much better at finishing both good shots and bad after this camp. Parents should see the benefit of the camp immediately, MAKING the next several months of weekend meets more enjoyable for BOTH the wrestler and the parents. The kids will have a ‘systematic scoring routine’ down for their finishes.

About Tony Purler: NCAA Champion, 2 time US World Team Member, World Cup Silver Medalist, Div 1 College Coach for 9 YEARS. owner/director of Purler Wrestling Academy (Est. 2003)

Fee: $60.00 per athlete – $75.00 Same day Walk In Registration, PLEASE PRE-REGISTER space is limited!
**Bringing 5 or more kids contact Tony for a discount**

Ages: 8 on up. HS teams welcome!

Dates, Times and Locations:

  • December 23rd, 2018 – 10am-3:30pm – Basehor-Tonganoxie Cooperative Special Education Bld camp complete
  • December 28th, 2018 – 12pm-5:30pm – Blue Valley North High School – camp complete
  • December 31st, 2018 – 12pm-5:30pm – Blue Springs South High School – camp complete

Bring your lunch or a small snack for a break midway (One Day Camp)


Why Choose Tony Purler Camps?


I believe smaller groups equals more attention. With approximately 50-60 wrestlers at each camp, adequate attention can be given to each wrestler. Nobody wants to share a wrestling mat with over 300 wrestlers. Tony Purler’s youth and summer wrestling camps in Kansas City offer a class size that is conducive to learning and training.


At Purler wrestling camps, a scoring system will be taught. There’s not a revolving door of clinicians showing sporadic technique every session. What we work on at our youth and summer wrestling camps during day one will be covered on day five. The benefit? Wrestlers will understand and develop skills, not simply shown them.


I coach positioning, not just technique. Wrestling is position-based and not just based on moves. By covering a system, or scoring routine, on the final day of the camp wrestlers will master positioning when on a leg, as well as all other common areas of the sport.

Wrestlers who only learn moves but have no understanding of how to ‘wrestle for position’, will only see their techniques work when they outclass their opponent. The common theme in all my youth and summer wrestling camps will always be to wrestle for position, not points. The points will follow position.


Numerous college coaches, world team members, and NCAA champions send their kids and wrestlers to my Kansas City-area youth and summer wrestling camps. My business model is all about positive word of mouth and repeat customers.

I do the best job possible at providing a camp system based on value, benefit, productive sessions, and also do my best to have the parents of the wrestlers see the huge improvement in their son’s wrestling after the camp. All parents are encouraged to attend the last hard drill session to critique the job I’ve done and to see how much their wrestler has retained and progressed. I know of no other camp that asks the parents to attend the last session so they can witness what their son has learned the over the course of the wrestling camp.

Getting your youth club, high school team, small group, or son wrestling tough and winning with ALL the common positions of our sport simply is not that difficult. Camps are SUPPOSED to help wrestlers get better quickly – not to learn trick moves. Kids can learn trick moves on YouTube! Contact Tony Purler and get your kid’s wrestling career back on track! At Purler Wrestling, you learn to wrestle and learn to win. Enroll in a youth and summer wrestling camp designed to improve your wrestler’s skill set today.

Check out our camp checklist, typical daily schedule below, and airport pick up/drop off information below. Tony-Purlers-Summer-Wrestling-Camp-Checklist-5b0d7bc1b63e3