Day 1

Day 1 will be the ‘fighting solves everything’ hand fighting session.  The kids will work on control, pressure, breaking balance, using ties, clearing ties, etc.  A good hand fighter can control his stronger or faster opponent and not allow him to “participate” in the competition as well.  Whether your wrestler is a great athlete or not, learning to hand fight and being relentless with his hands and head position will greatly change his approach to the sport, and make him difficult to compete against.

Day 2

Day 2 will be the ‘4th wall’ scramble session.  Head, Hands, and Hips are the first 3 walls of defense in our sport.  Ideally we want to block with our hands and head, while using hip pressure and busy feet to pressure our opponent down into a bad position from his shot.  This camp will keep the kids IN THE GAME much much longer.  After the session your wrestler should be a much more frustrating opponent for his competition to compete against.  There is no substitute for great positioning but having a “4th WALL” of defense is a game changer.

Ages:  10-18yrs  (Younger Kids?  It is up to the parents who may have 8-9yr olds to make a dcision as to whether they feel their son will benefit, be a great and focused workout partner, etc.  Some 8yr olds are ‘well beyond their years’ in focus, but typically these camps are for 10yrs and up.  No 6-7yr olds.

*HS teams welcome, six or more receive a $10.00 discount per athlete (registrations and payments must be sent in together)

Time:  10:00am – 3:30pm both days – (bring your own lunch – will break for a short time at 1:00)

Cost:   $135 (does not include paypal fees) – Walk-ins the day of camp $155 per athlete

Dates and Locations:  

July 17th-18th, 2019 – Raytown South High School – 8211 Sterling Ave Raytown, MO 64138CAMP COMPLETE

Covers 10 hours of technical instruction and drilling (no refunds given, only credit for future camps)
Wrestling sessions will be run by Tony Purler or one of his Qualified Assistant Coaches

Space is limited, so please pre-register online and complete payment to reserve a spot.
Registration alone will not hold a spot for your athlete in this camp


Payment will be made after online registration is complete