PWA Ultimate is PWA’s elite year round training program. Ultimate meets every Monday from 6:30 to 8:30pm or Thursday from 6:15 to 8:30pm and is a year round commitment.  Our Academy is a pipeline into this group. Anyone who is interested in being considered for this team MUST first enroll in PWA’s weekly Academy program.

Kids will be selected from the Academy into Ultimate at Coach Purler’s discretion. Though certain guidelines are used, the final decision will be his. Every means necessary will be taken to see to it that the most committed, talented, athletic, technical, driven, and coachable athletes will have an opportunity to join this squad. Typically kids will need to be state placers, state champs, and show a consistency in competition to get in. Mental and physical toughness is obviously a big part of our sport. So aside from technique, ones mental and physical abilities will come into play. Lastly, only kids who are technically skilled in the PWA system will be moved into this room. Tony feels he has a responsibility to current members to keep the room as tough as possible, so no hard feelings.

With Purler Wrestling Academy sending 43% of its state qualifiers to the state finals last year, don’t assume that our weekly Academy program is no longer going to be a pipeline for your son into the State or National finals (’07 21 Tulsa Nat’l All Americans, two team titles). We’re sure there will be several kids working hard to get into Ultimate, and though there will be no guarantees, we hope that all will still be pleased with the huge gains their son will have with our weekly program.

Purler Wrestling, the ULTIMATE wrestling program in the Kansas City Area!