Great role model and coach.

My Son started with Tony in January 2003. What a difference we have seen in Tyler in these past 3 years, not only in wrestling but in everyday life He has a great confidence level in his wrestling ability, school work and everything he does, he never doubts that he can do anything. I feel we owe a lot of that confidence to Tony. Anyone who has attended a practice or camp that Tony has held will tell you that every wrestler there respects him and he gives that same respect right back to them. No yelling, no putting kids down and great level of patience with every wrestler while teaching them technique and how to find it in themselves to get mentally prepared for their matches. We have sent Tyler to a lot of camps and clinics over the years, but last year he told us we were wasting our money if Tony wasn’t running it. Since Tyler has started with Tony he has taken 2nd at Missouri USA State in 2003 & 2005 both his down years, he took 1st at Missouri USA State in 2004. He also took 4th at Liberty Nationals in 2005 & 3rd at Liberty Nationals in 2006. We would just like to say Thank you Tony for being a great role model and coach to our son.

— The Powell Family