It has been AMAZING!

My son is a second year wrestler who virtually skipped the novice division and started competing in open after his first month of wrestling. He was winning some open matches based on athletic ability alone, but he really had no technical knowledge of the sport. After the season, we looked for camps that could help him build those skills that he was lacking. He started attending weekly PWA sessions in the spring and went to Purler camps over the summer. It has been AMAZING! He is a completely different wrestler this year. Coaches and parents can’t believe he’s only approaching his second year of wrestling. Year-round Purler training has turned him into a skilled wrestler. He has placed in the top at every tournament he’s attended this year and is able to truly compete with some of the most elite seasoned wrestlers. Purler training has given him confidence, helped him build relationships with other wrestlers and really given him the technical skills to compete at the highest level.

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