1. Would my son or daughter wrestle for him, absolutely!

    I have people in the wrestling world who I pick up the phone and call when I want to bounce something off them, Tony is on that list for me.  Would my son or daughter wrestle for him, absolutely!…Read More

    — Cary Kolat, Olympian, World Medalist, NCAA Champion, Head Coach Campbell University
  2. Improved my wrestling skills beyond belief.

    My parents drove me 4-5 hours round trip to go to Tony’s practices once a week for only 2 hours of practice. That 2 hours though was very beneficial and improved my wrestling skills beyond belief. Tony’s ability to teach the small differences in technique that make huge impacts in a match is what allowed me to succeed at the state and national level in both high school and college. Without his…Read More

    — Kyle Meyer, Former PWA Member, 4x MO High School State Champ, Scholarship Athlete Stanford University
  3. Tremendous impact on my wrestling career.

    Purler wrestling academy taught me how to wrestle, instead of just teaching me moves. I learned how to wrestle with good position and how to break my opponents good positioning. Without wrestling with Purler, I would not have received a college scholarship, because the average coach does not teach you how to wrestle, but just shows moves and expects you to learn the sport on your own. One night a …Read More

    — Tyler Mann, Former PWA Member, 2x MO High School State Champ, Scholarship Athlete Benedictine College
  4. It has been AMAZING!

    My son is a second year wrestler who virtually skipped the novice division and started competing in open after his first month of wrestling. He was winning some open matches based on athletic ability alone, but he really had no technical knowledge of the sport. After the season, we looked for camps that could help him build those skills that he was lacking. He started attending weekly PWA sessions…Read More

    — Recent Comment from Facebook
  5. Your program saved me about $100K.

    The motto of PURLER WRESTLING still holds true, "Those who stay will be Champions." You have a great program for kids. The moves you teach will work at all levels because I still see them working for Alan at MIZZOU. Thanks! Your program saved me about $100K in College tuition plus the added success Alan is still having.…Read More

    — Kent Waters
  6. Thank you so much.

    I just wanted to send you an update on my son. We went to your camp in Andover when you worked on how to feel comfortable on bottom and score. We have been to 2 of your camps now and he has grown so much! I wanted you to know that the Saturday before the first camp we attended he went 0-5 not scoring any points wanting to give up to a fifth place finish at State! Thank you so much for what you giv…Read More

    — Michelle
  7. You are the Man Tony!

    You are the Man Tony! I cannot believe how much my son has improved in just a short time with you. I’m so glad I finally got off my butt and got him to you. It’s been well worth the drive, and he loves the sport now.…Read More

    — Jerry
  8. Great role model and coach.

    My Son started with Tony in January 2003. What a difference we have seen in Tyler in these past 3 years, not only in wrestling but in everyday life He has a great confidence level in his wrestling ability, school work and everything he does, he never doubts that he can do anything. I feel we owe a lot of that confidence to Tony. Anyone who has attended a practice or camp that Tony has held will te…Read More

    — The Powell Family
  9. Tony’s system will benefit kids on all levels.

    We have 2 wrestlers in Purler Wrestling; both were somewhat successful in the state. Through 3 years with Tony’s program both are now multi time “All Americans” and one is a 6 time “National Champion” this year. Purler Wrestling is a system where high percentage moves are drilled and a mental approach taught that makes CHAMPIONS. Tony’s system will benefit kids on all levels. He breaks…Read More

    — Kent Waters
  10. I would recommend Purler Wrestling Academy.

    In the last three years, Tony has helped my son not only improve on his technique, but find a way to win on a consistent basis. Since joining, he has become a multiple state and national tournament placer. Tony works on the mental side of wrestling as much as the technical. His instruction is second to none and his focus on getting the kids prepared for tough matches is unbelievable. He always has…Read More

    — Jeff Donovan, Belton, MO