Welcome to Purler Wrestling Academy, also known as PWA Kansas City Area

Purler Wrestling Academy is an open enrollment, year-round program dedicated to providing athletes ages 8-18 and any skill level (one year wrestling experience required) the tools they need to accomplish their goals. Every athlete will have the opportunity to realize their full potential through technical learning sessions, focused drilling, and live wrestling sessions, all of which are conducted in a highly intensive, positive atmosphere.

We currently offer four PWA training sites. Each practice will be highly structured, intense, and well organized. Additionally, every practice is a progression from the prior, so it’s important the athletes commit to the program.

If you are interested in Purler Wrestling, feel free to contact Tony at any time. PWA is open to all; WE DO NOT RECRUIT, AND ALL ARE WELCOME!

PWA Format: Wrestlers attend one location a week of their choice. Fee is $88.00 month (includes online payment fees) for the 4-5 practices per monthly sessions. Go to the schedule page, and choose the location that is convenient.

We go year round, fee is on a month to month basis. Note: The kids that are truly serious about wrestling are the ones that attend 10 or more months a year. These kids are the ones that will make mind blowing gains each year.

Tony and his coaching staff are great at teaching the sport, therefore they do not need to recruit the elite kids to be successful. They want everyone to have an opportunity to be successful! 80-90% of the kids who initially join have never placed at the state meet. So, if you see a PWA wrestler, and you feel he’s exceptional, keep in mind that he was probably no different than your son prior to joining. All we ask is that your son is able to focus for and entire practice, and that he wants to be there.

Tony and his coaching staff are very good at teaching this sport to young wrestlers, and they even have College wrestling coaches who send their son’s to their Academy and Camps! With increasing opportunities these days for additional training, we urge everyone to try the wrestling academy that these great coaches choose! Go to the “about Tony Purler” section of this site, and you will see that Tony’s accomplishments as an athlete and coach far exceeds even most college coaches.

As with all service industries, though options are plentiful, the quality of service can be starkly different. We encourage all interested to choose an academy for your son that has a proven track record, with a coach who was a world class athlete!

Tony was a member of 2 U.S. World Teams, and brings so much more to the room than someone with only High School wrestling experience. And with constant critique/analysis of every athletes technique and progression, it’s obvious as to how he is able to quickly take athletes from bad to good or good to great.

Tony’s system has a proven track record, and we are a trusted name within the sport of wrestling throughout the entire U.S.

“Those Who Stay Will Be Champions.”