Constant critique/analysis of every athlete’s technique and progression.

Though summer wrestling camps and clinics are important, they do not have this advantage. Every athlete will constantly be forced to make technical adjustments, all year-round. A person would have to attend five to six summer camps to get the amount of working hours in that a PWA member gets in one year — but without the continuous coaching, which is paramount.

Small Class Size

Each Purler Wrestling Academy session has around 35-40 wrestlers. That means less clutter and more room to focus on drills, technique, and live situations with a dedicated partner.

Serious, Committed Training Partners

The wrestling room is extremely competitive, which is why we currently have athletes traveling up to six hours to work with Tony Purler and to gain access to quality work out partners.

Tony has competed in 2 World Championships, 2 World Cups, the US Nationals, Goodwill Games, and the NCAA’s.

Tony Purler has been there/done that at the highest possible level, and has won a National Title at EVERY level in the sport (youth through international). An NCAA Champ, U.S. National Champ, World place winner, World Cup silver & bronze medalist — with Purler Wrestling Academy, you learn how to be a champion, from a champion.

Tony has been coached by and worked with many of the greatest athletes in the world Including:

  • Kenny Monday (Olympic Champion and Tony’s College Coach, director/instructor of Team Monday Wrestling Academy)
  • John Smith (Olympic Champion and Tony’s College Coach, currently Head Coach of Oklahoma State)
  • Bruce Burnett (US National Head Coach and Tony’s College Coach, currently Head Coach of Naval Academy)
  • Joe Seay (World and Olympic Coach and Tony’s College Coach)
  • Brad Penrith (World Silver Medalist, Tony’s College Coach, currently Head Coach of Northern Iowa)
  • Cary Kolat “TEAM KOLAT” (training partner)


Tony knows virtually every college wrestling coach in the country. Having coached at the Division I level himself for nine years, he understands the networking that coaches go through when seeking talent and information on potential recruits. This is ultimately one of his greatest assets. Tony and Nick Purler are the go-to guys for coaches seeking information when recruiting in the state of Missouri. They are very well respected in the national wrestling community.

Video Analysis

Note from Tony Purler: I take pride in knowing that what I deem to be basic is much different from what many coaches feel are basic techniques. Simply put, there is so much more to the sport than just cross face defense, spin drill defense, or “driving” when trying to finish from a bad position!

There are some very important techniques that need to be covered in so many positions, and a young wrestler CAN LEARN, and WILL LEARN, how to troubleshoot ALL positions they wrestle into, good and bad. If my athletes get into a bad position, they know how to wrestle.

I’m a firm believer that most big matches are won in bad positions, in the trenches. I’ve been on the cutting edge of technique for the past 20 years, and all technique taught will be world class. I truly believe an athlete, regardless of age, can perfect the right way to do a move just as easily as he/she can perfect the wrong way to do a move. Once a poor technique is perfected, an athlete may never be able to change and or improve that skill. Unlike many coaches with the short, three month season, I have the luxury of instructing at a slow pace. Therefore, athletes will be able to become proficient at hitting quality techniques.

As our motto states, “Those Who Stay Will Be Champions.”

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