Wrestling is one of the toughest sports on the planet.

You can’t simply show up to a tournament and expect great results if you haven’t put in the time and effort to improve your technique.

This goes beyond just the in-season practice room and competition slate — the most successful wrestlers are those who are dedicated to growing and improving their technique at every available opportunity.

That’s where wrestling camps come into play.

Whether the goal is to become a state champion, earn a college scholarship, or even just to learn the fundamentals of the sport, Purler Wrestling Camps can help you achieve your goals on the mat — while also helping you become more productive off the mat.

What is the Purler Wrestling difference? Our motto says it best: “Those who stay will become champions.”

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Tony Purler Wrestling Camps stand apart from the other options because we offer something for everyone — and, perhaps more importantly, everything we show is useful and breeds success.

A few of our camp options include:

  • Summer Takedown Machine Camp: Learn core attacks, secondary attacks, defense, front headlock scoring, and set-ups from common tiess.
  • Constant Motion Camp: Wrestling is a sport of constant motion. Learn how to master this important technique in all three positions — top, bottom, and neutral.
  • Ground N’ Pound Leg Riding Camp: Level the playing field against elite competition by learning how to master the leg riding technique.

Tony Purler also offers team wrestling camps for high school programs, youth hand-fighting wrestling camps, girls wrestling camps, and more. Take a look at our summer wrestling camp schedule to find one that works for you.


Another important advantage of attending a Purler Wrestling Camp is the size of each session. Rather than being crowded into a small (and therefore dangerous) wrestling room with hundreds of bodies, our camps limit attendance to around 50-60 wrestlers for each clinic.

That means more attention for wrestlers who need it most, along with ample space to drill and learn technique without worrying about sharing the mat with 300 or more wrestlers.

Our class sizes are much more conducive to training, and therefore learning, and therefore winning.


Tony Purler is a nationally recognized clinician who has seen success on every stage — from the youth ranks, to high school, to college, all the way to the pinnacle of the sport and the international circuit.

That’s why you can rest assured that you are learning from the best when you attend a Purler Wrestling Camp.

Tony Purler’s camps utilize a unique scoring system that implements what we teach on day one all throughout the camp. This means that wrestlers learn to understand and develop skills, not simply watch them performed by a rotating door of instructors.

The content is as beneficial for a beginning youth wrestler as it is for an advanced high school wrestler.


In addition to the personalized attention and high-quality scoring systems we provide at Purler Wrestling Camps, participants also learn the value of positioning.

Wrestling is not just a series of techniques or moves — it is all about battling for the right positioning at the right time.

We believe that points ultimately follow position, which is why we don’t teach you how to score — we teach you how to maneuver and wrestle for position all throughout the match.


At Purler Wrestling Camps, you get what you pay for. From youth to high school, participants will see how our system provides great benefit and improvement through productive sessions, hard drilling, technique and positioning, and more.

Read some of our testimonials to see why Purler Wrestling Camps are known for their value and impact.

Championship Mindset

Wrestling is more than just a battle to see who is more physically gifted. It is largely a mental sport, which is why wrestlers need to learn how to develop a champion’s’ mindset from an early age.

Tony Purler believes that a winning attitude is contagious — and every wrestler can benefit from training and learning with the best of the best.

Now that you can see the benefits of Purler Wrestling Camps, it’s time to sign up and learn how to become a better wrestler.

At Purler Wrestling Camps, those who stay become champions!